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Live-In & Learn Program

During our Live-In and Learn™, (Boarding School program) your dog stays with us for their training. Many people use our boarding school when they have to be away, and would have to board the dog anyway while some use it for training when hectic schedules make it impossible to train.

What To Expect

For our program to be successful, we require that your dog is comfortable in their crate on a daily basis. All dogs are crated at night in our homes; never in a kennel or outdoor run. Your dog will be trained at our facility during the day and return to our homes with us at night. He/She will be able to run and play safely in our 6-foot stockade fenced yard. If your dog plays well with others, we allow plenty of group exercise and playtime. Please click the button below to read more information about our Live-in & Learn Boarding School Program.

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What Will My Dog Learn?

We focus on sit & down with hand signals, manners on leash (loose leash walking), come-when-called, impulse control, and other basic behaviors and in-home manners. We will discuss specific requests that you may have based on the length of your dog’s Live-In & Learn stay. We can assist with housebreaking issues and provide the necessary structure for clean habits for puppies, but we do not guarantee to completely potty train dogs or puppies in our Live-In & Learn Boarding School Program.

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Let's Get Started!

Please call 405-721-STAY(7829) to schedule your dog’s reservation before placing the deposit.

Our Live-In & Learn Boarding School Program is very popular and we typically have a waiting list; therefore we require a non-refundable deposit per dog within 72 hours of your reservation. Select your preferred boarding period to register your dog and pay the deposit.

Once the deposit has been placed, you will receive an email with a form to fill out. Please complete the form and send it to 721stay@gmail.com.

10 Day Boarding School

$ 1,150
  • $200 non-refundable deposit upon registration

17 Day Boarding School

$ 1,955
  • $355 non-refundable deposit upon registration

35 Day Boarding School

$ 4,025
  • $525 non-refundable deposit upon registration