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Dealing with DINOS 05/05 - 06/02 | Thursdays @ 7:40 PM (2915 W Britton Rd)


    • This 5 week course is to help you gain the tools to redirect your companion from being reactive towards other dogs and/or people without using pain, fear, force, or punishment.
    • This class is limited to 4 dogs.
    • Learn about doggy psychology on reactive behavior  and getting to the root issue.
    • Learn how to read your dog’s body language and micro expressions before the explosive behavior.
    • The Dealing with DINOS Class is designed for you to be able to take your dog on walks in the neighborhood, vet’s office visits, or being comfortable in a group setting with other dogs.
    • This course is not designed to keep dogs from fighting:
      • in your home
      • dog parks
      • doggy day care
      • Call or email us to learn how to manage your dog(s) in these settings.
    • We highly recommend you participate in 1 to 2 private lessons before attending this class. After enrolling in this course, email or call us at 721stay@mail.com or 405-721-STAY (7829) to schedule a private session.


  Class Location: 2915 W Britton Rd Please review our refund policy.

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