Sequencing 101 (Agility 2) 8/16-9/27 | Mondays @ 7:40 PM (2915 W. Britton Rd.)


With Heather Cline, NADAC Certified Trainer

Class will not be held on Labor Day  September 6th. 

This 6-week class will focus on dog and handler paths, sequencing, handling, directional cues and handler crosses. Agility FUNdamentals or similar beginning agility class is a prerequisite. Agility equipment used will be tunnels, hoops and barrels.  

  •  Dogs 12 weeks and older will be accepted as there will be no high-impact skills taught during this beginner class.
  • NO prong collars, pinch collars or electric device collars of any sort will be allowed.
  • Please no reactive dogs. If your dog lunges and barks at other dogs, we can help. Call or email us at or 405-721-STAY (7829)
Class Location: 2915 W Britton Rd

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