Therapy Dog Class 09/28 - 10/19 | Tuesdays @ 7:30PM (2915 W Britton Rd)


For this class you must have completed 2-3 series of group classes and your dog must have an exceptional, stable temperament and disposition.  This is a fast paced advanced level obedience course that is only 3 weeks of instruction and the 4th week is the Therapy Dog test. This class is for those who would like to become certified volunteers to accompany their dogs to Therapy Dog visits (Children’s hospitals, nursing homes, hospitals, and other establishments that invite Therapy Dogs) through Therapy Dog International.

Your dog cannot wear any training collars or harnesses in class that restrict the dog’s movement. IE: no prong collars, choke chains, martin-gales, head halters, no-pull harnesses.

We are not able to test/certify any dogs that have been trained with shock collar or any remote devices. These are not our rules, but TDI rules (Therapy Dog International).


Class Location: 2915 W Britton Rd

Please review our refund policy.

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