Live-In & Learn™ Boarding School Program

For our Live-In & Learn™ Boarding School program to be successful, we require that your dog is comfortable in his crate on a daily basis. All dogs are crated at night in our homes; never in a kennel or outdoor run. Your dog will be trained at our facility during the day and return to our homes with us at night. He/She will be able to run and play safely in our 6 foot stockade fenced yard. If your dog plays well with others, we allow plenty of group exercise and playtime.

We focus on sit & down with hand signals, manners on leash (loose leash walking), come-when-called, impulse control, and other basic behaviors and in-home manners. We will discuss specific requests that you may have based on the length of your dog’s Live-In & Learn stay.

We can assist with housebreaking issues and provide the necessary structure for clean habits for puppies, but we do not guarantee to completely potty train dogs or puppies in our two week program.


Our Live-In and Learn™ Boarding School Program is very popular and we typically have a waiting list; therefore we require a non-refundable deposit per dog within 72 hours of your reservation. Call or email us now to reserve a spot for your companion.


When you pick up your dog plan on spending 30 minutes to an hour reviewing what your dog has learned, polishing your handling skills, and learning how to continue structure and training until you return for follow-up classes. Please understand the dog may not perform perfectly when you show up because they have missed you and are excited to be reunited with their family. If you are not able to devote 30 minutes to an hour to the initial pick up time we will schedule a private lesson to be held within 14 days. It is imperative that you understand what your dog has learned and the correct way to continue his /her structure and training; please, do not use your cell phone or bring small children for that particular lesson. We do welcome children in the follow up group classes.

While we do not offer discounts for our Live-In & Learn program we do offer and encourage you to participate in the following whether you choose 10 days or 17 days of training:
  • One FREE group class * (instructor’s recommendation) & 2 free refresher lessons at the facility or in-home lessons within 20 miles of Full Circle Obedience. Refresher lessons are 30 mins- 45 minutes duration.

*group classes are 4-5 weeks long

  • Tuition, Room and Board $850.00 for 10 days or $1,445.00 for 17 days
  • 10 days deposit = $250.00
  • 17 days deposit = $445.00

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Live In And Learn™ Options

If you have booked and secured your dog’s reservation for our Live-In & Learn Boarding School Program with the non-refundable deposit, please print, sign, and bring this with you to your appointment. We look forward to working with you in helping your dog become the lifelong companion you desire.

Download the Form Here (PDF)