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Refund Policy

Before you enroll, be informed of our Refund Policy

Our classes have provided successful instruction allowing our clients to teach their dogs to be well-behaved companions for nearly 30 years.  It is that success that keeps our classes in such high demand.    Class sizes are small in order to provide the best learning environment for you.

When you complete your enrollment an opening is reserved for you and removed from availability for others.  Upon payment, you acknowledge and accept the class schedule.  If you choose to withdraw or do not come to class it leaves an empty spot someone else could have filled.  In order to plan and provide effective instruction, the following refund policy will be applied to all classes.

  • No refunds 14 days prior to class
  • No transfers to a future class 14 days prior to class
  • Enrollment fee cannot be redeemed or used towards private lessons.

We understand emergencies arise and will work with you should you need to make up a lesson.

  • Make-up sessions are limited to one per class.
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